The reconditioned devices offered for sale online in the Euro-cpap store have all the conditions required for optimal operation. This way, we guarantee the proper functioning of the devices offered for sale.

We try to put online pictures that are as close as possible to the state in which you will find your camera. Some may contain slight traces of use that do not affect their proper use or appearance.

Our reconditioning method is strict. We check the integrity of each device, control all their functions by putting them in condition of use. A cleaning as well as a deep disinfection is carried out. Each part intended for a single patient is replaced by a new one: gaskets, humidification jar, filters, etc…

We do not ship any device that could have undergone a transformation such as the replacement of the motherboard or the turbine unless the manufacturer intervenes. Each device has its own hour counter. We do not ship those that have been used too much or show signs of weakness of the turbine.